About Nina

Nina Hatchwell is an actress and singer/songwriter. Growing up in London to an Israeli father and a German mother and living in different countries, she has a passion and natural pull towards different cultures and life styles. Being a polyglot sha has a talent for easily reproducing accents and voices. She plays the piano and violin for fun too!

The British born actress has been performing from the age of 9 where she took to the stage at London's Coliseum to perform in Street Scene and Carmen with the ENO starring Lesley Garrett.

She spent her secondary years at The Italia Conti Academy, training as a dancer, actor and singer, followed by the well known drama school Webber Douglas. After graduating, Nina went on to train with Neighbourhood Playhouse Director Scott Williams at the Impulse Company and continues to do so inbetween work.

She finds female roles of strength, courage and determination exciting to play.

Passionate about the sea, sports, dance, cooking, history, Culture, Languages and a good laugh! She also has a secret childhood skill of having reached the Brown Belt in Karate shhhh!

This is what some have to say about her:

 A terrific, versatile actress. Cast her! (Daniel Johnson, Film director and screen writer)

Bluesy-pop chanteuse pursuing a similar line of accessible singer songwriter tuneage to Winehouse, Norah Jones and Alicia Keys, but with a light and lilting voice. Time Out, London

‘Strange signs of Eroticism’ are abundant in Nina Hatchwell’s work. Her new film, You look stunning, for example, ‘takes’, as she tells us, ‘a woman’s fantasy to the extreme’ leading her to ‘a bittersweet truth about life, love and the destructive power of obsession... It is sweet too in that the story is told in a dreamlike manner, stylised, quirky shots, often with a focus on the eccentric characters’ eyes, with matching quirky rhythms and music. (Bob Catterall Chief Editor of CIty Journal)