I haven't blogged in a while but YOU LOOK STUNNING ... TOO!

11 November 2014

I've no real excuse for not having blogged in a while. When I wrote my first one, a friend of mine who has quite a famous film blog said to me... 'Actresses always do this, they start a blog and then they give up after one or two posts.' I assured him at the time that he was wrong and well... well... I'm writing one now aren't I!!!! So why... read more >

Let's Get Naked

30 July 2012

Do you like your body? Are you obsessed with ‘perfection’? What exactly does it mean to be perfect… If there is such a thing… All women are born beautiful. Knowing that, however, is their choice! All women are born deserving love. Choosing that is up to them. I have no bonds or boundaries; I love whom I choose and when I... read more >

Being Judged

6 March 2012

I once read that Judy Dench, one of my favourite actresses and someone of world class talent and success, replied to a bad review for a stage performance last year by simply saying to her critic: 'You're an absolute shit.' This reply made me smile, laugh and love Judy Dench even more. At drama school they told us 'if you want to stay in this... read more >

On set in a horror movie...

8 February 2012

I'm the kind of girl that when I watch a horror movie with my best friend, I've got the covers over my head and she's got her fingers in her ears and that way we know between us we wont miss anything but we can protect ourselves from anything scary that might jump out of our screen.  However, one might perhaps think that if one is ... read more >

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